Division of maintenance responsibilities

The responsibility for maintenance is determined in the Limited Liability Housing Companies Act. When something needs repairing or installing in an apartment, the maintenance responsibility is divided between the housing company and the shareholders. The division of responsibility determines which party commissions and pays for the maintenance work. In some cases, the Articles of Association of the housing company can set forth exceptions to the division of responsibilities.

We request that you notify the maintenance service of any observed faults without delay. A small, unnotified fault can cause substantial damage in the long term. Any non-urgent faults requiring maintenance can easily be notified using the online Report a fault form.

The maintenance responsibility division table below determines the division of responsibilities between the shareholder and the housing company. The interpretations presented in the table are based on the Limited Liability Housing Companies Act.



Floors and ceilings (roof, base floor and intermediate floor)

  • structures
  • coating materials

External walls, partition walls, columns and beams

  • structures
  • internal coating materials


  • structures, insulation, basic systems and façades
  • internal surfaces and cleaning


Dry-area coatings, such as indoor paintwork, wallpapering, tiling, parquet, laminate, etc.

Wet-area coatings, such as tiling, wet-area paint with support fabric, microcement, plastic coating


External door to apartment and outer door of two-leaf balcony door

Weatherstrip seals for external doors and balcony doors

  • weatherstrip seals for outer door
  • weatherstrip seals for inner door

Painting of external doors

  • painting of outer surface
  • painting of inner surface

Intermediate doors and inner doors in the apartment


  • threshold between room spaces
  • threshold in wet areas
    • coating